Use Of Product

Present product helps in managing (reducing) pressure and flow rate of any flowing fluid (a liquid or a gas), flowing under influence of inherent or artificially applied pressure; simultaneously.This product is not a modification of any existing system/method or a valve.

This product is a purely mechanical device/system/method, which does not carry spring or any moving part etc. Essentially, it does not require any additional source of energy for its operation and/or use.

This product has multiple uses in various fields of engineering and medicine etc.

Being an innovative work, this innovation has already fetched a patent from USPTO (United State Patents and Trade Mark Office) vide patent number ‘US 9,038,669 B2’.

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USP’s (Unique Saleable Points):

  1. This device is very robust. It has no moving part, therefore has a very long useful life (that too without losing on its work efficiency with passage of time); and has negligible or almost nil maintenance cost;
  2. It can easily be installed in an indoor or outdoor applications;
  3. It can be manufactured in any shape and size to provide a tailor made solution to a specific consumer;
  4. It can be manufactured with a material which is impermeable to the flowing fluid and also is capable to withstand with the stress to be developed therein during its use;
  5. It can be fitted or retrofitted into any new or existing network;
  6. There is no need to install a PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve); and/or a shut-off valve; and/or a filter etc. at upstream or downstream of this device;
  7. Essentially, no pre-treatment like heating, pumping etc. of a flowing fluid is required; and
  8. Essentially, no additional equipment or source of energy is required for its use or operation;

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