At present farmer(s)/user(s) are deploying either one of following methods for irrigating their field(s)/ parks/ garden/ roadside plantations etc.

  1. Flooding
  2. Drip irrigation
  3. Bubbler system
  4. Sprinkler system

Everyone knows the benefits, drawbacks of each of the above irrigation methods. To overcome drawbacks of these, above methods, we have developed a new method of irrigation, which will allow application of water from over and/or at the bottom of a plant, like rain; without causing any erosion effect to the soil beneath of a plant.
This technology has potential to save water from wastage due to any of the following reasons:

  1. Overspray
  2. Runoff
  3. Evaporation
  4. Infiltration etc
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Newly invented technology has following benefits:

  1. Water Saving i.e. per drop, more crop
  2. Water will be sprayed over all parts of a plant, like rain; and a farmer will have full control over water application/management in a row of plants or in any/all part(s) of the field
  3. Water application, like rain, will help in removal of fertilizer, pesticide, dust, bacteria, fungus, pest etc. from all parts of a plant, at regular interval; this will allow lesser susceptibility for occurring and spread of diseases in plants/crop and in human beings
  4. Clean leaves; will allow enhanced rate of photosynthesis process in a plant; more release of oxygen into the environment; and more food production by a plant. A well-nourished and/or a healthy plant will help in producing better yield of a crop
  5. Fertilizers or pesticides can also be mixed in the water, to be sprayed
  6. Suitable for any type of a terrain like plain or sloppy or stepped terrain
  7. One design; applicable for all types/size of fields
  8. No need for filters or pressure reducing valves
  9. No limitation to the area of agricultural field
  10. Density of plants may be increased
  11. Low initial cost, maintenance cost, power cost etc.
  12. Not susceptible to get damaged due to movement of pet, human etc. in the field.

This technology has only one disadvantage i.e. it is labour intensive. I believe that this disadvantage can easily be ignored, in view of above listed advantages.

Note: This technology has a potential to improve drip and bubbler irrigation, a lot.By application of present technology, there would not be a need to install PRVs (pressure reducing valves), which is a costly device. And also, we would achieve equal distribution of water, in all parts of a field.