Blowing of muscles and veins etc.

In emergent conditions, to save life or to cure illness, doctors advice or inject medicine into human body (or animal) either into their muscle or intravenous. The pushing of medicine in human body (by pushing a piston/plunger provided in an injection syringe), generally is not being governed/regulated through a machine but it is being regulated with the help of two fingers and thumb impression/ action of a human i.e. a doctor or a nurse.

Therefore there are all possibilities that medicine is pushed into a human body with an excessive pressure and flow rate than what is required/ permitted. This excessive pressure and flow rate of medicine may result in rupture of muscle or blowing of a vein. This happens, just because human muscle or a vein does not have enough space which can easily accommodate additional volume of incoming medicine at an excessive pressure and flow rate (other than blood, already existing) and gets blown up.

Present innovation, has potential to kill excessive pressure and flow rate of medicine; therefore has potential to save a patient from blowing of muscles or veins.

Single use of an injection syringe:

Presently in global market, injection syringes are being sold with an understanding that these are meant for single use, only; whereas, it is not true!! Most of the syringes can easily be used for multiple times. We have suggested some changes in syringe, piston rod of syringe, which ensure single use of syringe, in its true spirit/sense.