Multiple Uses

Energy level of any flowing fluid (liquid or gas), can mainly be defined by two components i.e. one, pressure and second, flow rate. At certain locations, to save consumers from inconvenience and also to save precious fluid from wastage due to excessive pressure and flow rate; there can be a need to regulate these two components, simultaneously.
The present invention would most economically caters to numerous challenges and problems of current and future scenario. Some of the problems that may be solved by the present invention have been listed here below:

  1. Tail end problem: Problem of unequal water distribution in a pipeline network, i.e. excess quantity of water available at the first outlet of pipeline network while minimal/ no water, at its end. Read More
  2. Excessive pressure and flow rate of water at lower floors in High Rise Buildings and/or buildings in hilly areas, resulting in water splashes and wastage of precious potable water. Read More
  3. Water wastage and its contamination while its distribution through water tankers. Read More
  4. To substantially speed up the sedimentation process in water treatment plant(s), sewerage treatment plant(s). Read More
  5. Considerable improvement in pace of aerobic bio-degradation process of sewage treatment or municipal solid waste; and reduction in the production of greenhouse gases. Read More

At present, in a ship, no braking system exists. To stop a ship, Captain of a ship either shutoff propeller of the engine or in case of emergency, rotates the propeller in anticlockwise direction. Present technology can easily be used to create dependable braking system in a ship and also to save a ship from collisions, instability and damages during high tides.
In submarines, present innovation can help in achieving braking system as described for ships, besides it can also help in regulating the intake or outflow of water to sink or to float above, a submarine at a desired point of time.

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At the time, when airplane is in air or preparing for a landing or has already landed on ground; in an aircraft, quantum of momentum force (mass × velocity) to be generated is entirely dependent upon its size (Dead load) and passenger and/or goods carrying capacity (Live load).

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Prevention of blowing of muscles and blood veins from excessive pressure and flow rate of the fluid being injected in via syringe

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Improving the yield per hectare by optimizing the process of irrigation.

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  1. Efficient burning of kitchen gas so as to achieve maximum calorific value and also reduction in production of greenhouse gases. This would result in direct cost saving to the user.
  2. Efficient cooling of hot water to a desired level, in an atomic power plant or in an industry.
  3. Efficient incineration of fuel in thermal or waste units.
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This technology can solve, many other long pending problems being faced by people living across the globe; by providing:

  1. Efficient spraying of water.
    1. During various mining activities; to save workers from pulmonary and carcinogenic diseases etc. Read More
    2. For obtaining maximum dry density of soil (under optimum moisture content) during backfilling or embankment processes.
    3. During curing process of various types of civil structures (cement concrete or any other masonry structure) to obtain maximum strength out of chemical reactions
    4. During periodical cleaning of solar panels to achieve maximum electricity production. Read More
    5. During periodical cleaning of various civic amenities (public toilet and urinals etc.); and railway platform/track etc.
  2. Energy dissipation from water falling from a water fall or spill way of a dam; to save its downstream floor from scouring and also saving rivers from meandering process. Read More
  3. To speed up condensation process in distillation units etc. Read More
  4. In producing good quality liquid suspension(s) (like cough syrup etc.). Read More
  5. Many others