It is well known that:

  1. Water falling from a water-fall or from spill way of a dam; have sufficiently large amount of kinetic energy. This energy, if not controlled properly, may cause erosion of floor at its downstream and also may cause structural instability to natural or man-made structures.
  2. In a river, surface water flows under influence of natural gradient and gravity. During the flow, water, due to force of momentum, acquires kinetic energy. This uncontrolled energy results in meandering of rivers i.e. scouring of river bed/bank and finally changes its path of flow. This causes un-necessary shifting of people from one place to another, loss of life, property and drowning of fertile agricultural/ commercial/ residential value land etc.

To deal with, both above problems i.e. to dissipate the energy of flowing water, our engineers follow various engineering practices known to them; like ‘converting the super critical flow into sub-critical flow by introducing hydraulic jump’; and/or
‘Passing water through a water pool (stilling basin)’ and/or
‘Directing the flow of water into air and then making it fall away from the toe of the structure’; and/or
By using ‘roughening devices or energy dissipaters (like friction blocks etc.); and/or baffle wall; and/or subsidiary dam; and/or impermeable or permeable spurs or groynes etc.
We understand that at such locations, momentum force/ kinetic energy in water, touching to the downstream floor is most dangerous/ critical for its safety or structural stability. We also understand that at such locations, the quantity of water to be handled is generally very huge and its handling is not an easy task.
We believe that, in both above cases; to dissipate the mentioned kinetic energy in an effective manner, there is a need to regulate the pressure and flow rate of flowing water, simultaneously.
To deal with such a problem, we have developed a device, which kills the energy i.e. pressure and flow rate of flowing water, simultaneously. We can install required number of present device at a decided location(s) such as:

  1. Where water first hits at downstream of floor; and/or
  2. Across friction blocks; and/or
  3. Across spurs or groynes, etc.
  4. Present device may be installed across/transverse of water flow; through each of which a sufficiently large quantity of water will pass through and will help in loss of its kinetic energy.
Present device has a potential to save costly civil structure from failure due to erosion of cement concrete floor, soil grains at their beneath (concrete floor) and also to have an effective check over the river meandering process etc.

Hydraulic Jump:

When a stream of water moving with a high velocity and low depth (i.e. super critical flow) strikes another stream moving with a low velocity and high depth (i.e. sub-critical flow), a sudden rise in the surface of the former takes place.