Generally, it has been observed that in a gas stove, gas flame acquires a height of about 4 inch - 5 inch or more; and colour of flame varies from blue-yellow-red. This height of flame is much more than the height of flame (i.e. 2 inch – 21/2 inch) required to keep the flame, well below the base of a utensil (used for cooking food) and also to keep colour of flame, blue.

Further, if flame size is larger than the base size of said utensil, then flame moves much beyond the base of a utensil (also, covers its sides); then heat energy, carried by such excessive flame is not being utilized by utensil for cooking the food, but gets wasted into the surrounding environment.

This is well known that a blue flame possess maximum calorific value and as the colour of flame changes from blue to yellow or red; it continuously losses on account of its calorific value. This is also well known that if combustion of gas takes place in ‘excess air mode’; the colour of flame changes from blue-yellow-red. This activity, results in inefficient burning/combustion of gas and also in generation of excessive quantity of Carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas.

It is very obvious, that one may say that he/she is vigilant enough and can easily regulate the flow rate of gas by adjusting the knob of gas stove, to ensure its efficient combustion; and cost saving. But, such reactions/ reflexes may consume 30-60 seconds time, or more. If, similar act, in a house, occurs say 10 or more times, in a day (which is practically quite possible); then one can easily understand how much cooking gas would get wasted in a day, on this planet. This is more important for a country like India; where cooking gas is being imported from foreign countries. Such wastage has huge cost to government exchequer/our people and badly affect the value of our currency in global market.

In India, there are about 25 Crore households (population of India ≈ 125 Crores; and one household for every 5 persons) and if every household is wasting gas of Re 1/- daily then it costs our economy to the tune of Rupees 25 Crore/day or 750 Crores/month or 9125 Crores/year.

To overcome from all above problems and also to ensure efficient combustion of biogas; we have developed a device, which can easily be utilized to maintain required colour and height of flame. This will ensure efficient burning of gas and also in reduction in production of greenhouse gases.